Run For Their Lives 5C


Be a RFTL5C Pro-life Exhibitor!

New 2016 EXHIBITOR Brochure

St. PAt's Respect LifeAbortion awarness project

Want to share your pro-life activities with hundreds of pro-life advocates?

Set up a booth at the Gazebo to meet our wonderfully pro-life and kind walkers. The purpose of the Pro-life exhibit area is to enable each walker to find a pro-life group and activity they can participate in that touches their heart, uses their gifts,  and saves lives.

You can bring a table and information to hand out, staff your booth to engage people or you can just send some information to us and we will display it for you.

All exhibitors are encouraged to start a Walk Team to participate alongside those you will be meeting.  Join our Facebook page to interact pre-walk with a great pro-life, baby loving, chocolate craving group of people.

EMAIL to reserve a booth or request table space.  DOWNLOAD New 2016 EXHIBITOR Brochure

Hint: You may get more walkers to your table if you offer a free chocolate treat!