Run For Their Lives 5C

How do Teams work?


Be a Team Captain!

It is sooooo easy!

  1. Just decide (now is the right time 😉
  2. Make up a team name…It could be you church name, business name, or a fun name
  3. Follow the simple registration steps (below) or watch this video
  4. Then invite everyone you know to join your team.


  1. Do we all have to register at the same time?
    1. NOPE! Just let your friends or church know your team name and they can join anytime they register.
  2. Why have a team?
    1. Because it is fun and gets people excited and motivated! All pledges from each team member are combined in a running total and your church, business or neighborhood can compete with another!
  3. Do I have to collect any money?
    1. Nope again! Everybody can register online. If someone does give you a check to sponsor you you can log it on your page then bring it to the walk or send it in. No worries.


How to register a team:

  •  You can create a team during the registration process or after you register.

At registration:  REGISTER (click here to get to the next page)



Click the tiny box that says “Discount code” then enter “team”

Discount Code


Clicking the box will open the “my team is” section, select the drop down to select a team or click the “+” to add a new team.

Team click


Add your team, select share with Facebook or Email and you are on your way
Everyone’s page will track top individual pledge-getters and top teams – awards will be given!


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